Websites Audits

Website Security Audits

We protect your internet shop with our comprehensive website audits.

The goal of IT security is the protection of your data from loss or corruption, regardless of the cause, without loss of accessibility to legitimate users. In order to provide you with the best security for your needs, we must find out what you have and how it works. We can then either give you the go-ahead for continued use of your system, or who you its vulnerabilities. If your system is vulnerable, we will show you how to protect your data from tampering, theft, and natural catastrophe.

Protect your applications from attacks not detected by network and server security controls with real time black box network security audits that include penetration tests and load testing.

Effective Methods

Take advantage of our website security expertise.
  • Both automatic and manual tests
  • Experienced, expert specialists
  • AI scripts
  • Up to the minute database targeting the latest threats

Detailed Reports

We’ll troubleshoot your system and offer a range of solutions to target the threats you face.
  • SQL injections and XSS flaws
  • Broken access control
  • Improper error handling
  • Denial of service
  • Exhaustion of application resources
  • Disclosure of system data
  • Buffer overflows

Ready Solutions

Catch problems at the earliest possible moment to eliminate threats to your application, its data, the network and servers.
  • Verified hotfixes for most common security issues
  • Developers familiar with most widely-used technologies
  • No application downtime

Full Privacy

Your information stays with you.
  • Services fully confidential
  • Your applications works in normal mode